Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Day in the California Mountains................

Lucy was up early letting everyone know that she wanted her corn on the cob, grapes and cheerios.  I bet she can be heard for a mile down the road!

The monsoons have moved up into our area today and we have a chance of thunderstorms.  With that, we'll stay home today just in case we have any lightning.  That's always a worry when this weather comes in from the southeast.

 The birds and squirrels got every peach that was on the tree.  Yep, every one!

This is my second little corn patch that will produce (hopefully) in to fall for the girly girls.

The main patch is now getting tassels so the corn should be coming on soon.

Guess the birds and squirrels haven't found my blackberry bush, so yesterday was our first day of picking berries.  YUMMO

The pumpkin and squash patch is thriving.  Maybe even too much so.  Is that possible?

Under all those leaves are pumpkins everywhere.  My grandkids will be so jazzed come October.

And yes there's knitting news - more socks!  Since we'll be home all day, I'll get another pair made this morning and maybe a pair this afternoon, too.  Love the Regia!

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