Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Day Off the Grid......

Last night I started re-watching Field of Dreams, which got me even more excited about our little cornfield.

 The pumpkin patch is over growing everything and has now made its way into the rows of corn.

And last night I noticed that just about every stalk of corn has ears.  The girly girls will be so thrilled.  Right now it's 40 cents an ear at our store.  Way too high!

Next year I will spread out the rows more and keep the squash and corn in separate areas.  My poor husband has a devil of a time getting in there to harvest the squash.

And the pumpkins are everywhere........inside the enclosure...........and outside...........

And then there's my trusted assistant who's quite content to just lay on the front porch and watch me do all the work!

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April said...

Our pumkin is volunteer that came up beside the compost bin. It is also trying to take over, but I'll let it--more pumpkin to can this fall