Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Regia Sock Yarn

7 bags of Regia arrived this afternoon with 4 more on back order.  My UPS man earned 2 ice cold bottles of water for this delivery!  Actually, I would have given it to him anyway!  Talk about hot out here in the west.  Even up in the California mountains, it's cookin'!!!!

I love the self patterning colors and can't wait to see how these will work up.  We'll put some in our Etsy store and the rest we'll turn in to socks with the help of our antique sock machine.

As I make them up, I'll share photos along the way.  It may be a record breaking heat wave out here, but now's the time to start cranking for our fall craft shows.

This one has always been a favorite for me.  You know, I think that I may have just enough time to make one sock before starting dinner............................

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