Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mermice and Socks...........

I just finished the second Mermouse for our other granddaughter's birthday which isn't until December.  Since that month can be extremely busy, I wanted to get her done now.

For more information on where you can buy this pattern, please see our previous post on the Mermice.

Now I can settle in and get more socks cranked out on our antique sock machine.  Isn't it amazing that a hank like this can become a pair of socks like this?

In other knitting news, a new pattern that I started a hundred years ago is almost done.  Seriously!  If you love Intarsia knitting AND dogs and cats, you will love this design!  I think two more days of solid knitting should do it and then I will have to redo the chart on Adobe Illustrator.  That in itself may take about two days.  This is the start of a new series called, "DOGHANS AND CATGHANS - Tail Wagging Afghans."  Does that give you enough of a hint?  The first pattern will be called, "Pals."  So, stay tuned and hopefully we'll get it up and running next week.

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Gale said...

The new patterns sound interesting!