Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Week in Review......


I'm about to start a little sewing project for our two new adopted granddaughters.  Here's a hint: they're what one might call a dual creature!

Last Wednesday our 8 year old grandson, Mitchell, came home with us and spent two nights.  He hadn't seen the chickens yet and was so thrilled to get to go inside their coop and feed 'em some corn on the cob.

Saturday we picked the most delicious peaches at a local orchard and decided to make some jam for those long winter months.  YUMMO

And since there were still oodles of peaches left, a pie got popped into the oven. Double YUMMO

We've had about 5 days of monsoon weather coming up from the south which sparked a fire to our north.  It's still burning and today our valley is thick with smoke.  A good day to stay inside and clean house?


Gale Fields said...

Peaches here are quite small and dry this year due to the drought. So glad yours are good ones. The pie looks delicious!

Heather J said...

Love the fabric and can't wait to see what you make. Peach jam yummy!