Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mary's Birthday Present.......

Our adopted granddaughter's birthday is coming up and she'll be a big four years old.  This little girl has been through so much, so I wanted to make her something extra special.

And when I saw an adorable book called, "Phoebe's Birthday" by Joanna Johnson, I knew just what Mary would receive for her birthday - a Mermouse!  Joanna's husband, Eric, did all the amazing illustrations and of course Joanna's story is absolutely darling.

Not only will you find the sewing pattern for "Phoebe Mermouse" in the book, but several knitting patterns and one for a lovely quilt as well.  I bought Joanna's book from her Etsy shop, which she so kindly signed for both Mary and Dana.  You can also visit Joanna and Eric's website at

Dana's birthday isn't until December, but I'll make her Mermouse tomorrow and put it away until then.

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Jenn Dixon said...

How adorable is this?!