Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to My Old Life.........

For the past 5 months I've been watching our five grandchildren, which meant getting up at 5 a.m., watering, feeding all the animals and then driving one hour to Bakersfield.  I did this 3 days a week and then rushed around here the rest of the week trying to keep everything caught up.  Somewhere in there I even managed to get a "40 pair of socks" order out.

And tomorrow, all the munchkins will be in school - all the way from pre-school up to Jr. High.  My old life returns tomorrow and I have to tell you - I'll miss the kids, but I'm so glad to see those 5 months come to an end.  I'm sure that I have enough material to write a book on what 5 kids can do to one grandmother!

Today I thought I'd get a headstart with my sock knitting and made this pair that will be placed in our Etsy shop tomorrow morning.

These were made on "Doris", our antique sock machine which has 72 needles.  The stripe pattern will definitely vary based on the number of stitches that are used.  This is the Sakkie sock yarn from Plymouth Yarn Co. and it's a 40% mohair, 40% wool, 20% nylon blend.  I love this yarn!

The girls seem glad to have me home, too.  Gosh, they've grown so much these past several months.

The pears on our trees are just about ready and the girls come running when my husband offers them one.  We can't decide if they love corn or the pears the most.

We kinda thought by now that there'd be a "head hen" but they seem to treat each other as equals.  Occasionally, one will get a bit "peckish" and chase the others, but so far they've been quite sisterly to one another. 

Hopefully, the posts will be a bit more frequent now and occasionally I'll share some of the "highlights" of supervising 5 grandchildren.  I was hoping that Friday, being the last day together would end on a high note, but that fantasy came to an abrupt end when our 8 year old grandson slammed the front door (accidentally) on our 3 year old grandson's head!  Yes, he's fine and I survived it, too!

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