Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Visit to the Ostrich Ranch

The Ostrich ranch over in the Cummings valley is quite a special place to visit.  Here's the little guys and gals that they keep in the nursery section.

And for $2.00, you can feed a few of the adults - BUT, watch out for your hands!

These ones stood at least 7 feet tall.

It's a gorgeous area and is nestled right up in the foothills with Bear Valley on the other side.  Really a great outing for your family if you're up in the Tehachapi area.  You can do a search under Indian Point Ostrich Ranch to find out more details.

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Gale Fields said...

Looks like fun! We used to live in an area that had cassowaries. It was very amusing to watch a baby that had been hand raised follow its human around the village.