Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where's the Eggs?

The girls turned 5 months old yesterday so we're hoping for eggs any day now.  I read somewhere on the internet that a woman's mother always used to say, "Spring chickens fall eggs." 

The girls behavior has really changed this week, too.  Each morning when I go to clean their hen house, they all come inside to see exactly what I'm doing.  They've never done that before.  Plus, they're moving their wood shavings all around inside like they're trying to make a nest.  A good sign I hope!

Yesterday I didn't bring out the usual corn on the cob, but brought grapes instead.  Lucy really chewed me out for that!  Although they all love grapes, she wanted her morning corn!

In knitting news..........

I'm working up a new design that's quick, easy and handy for joggers.  I need another few days before the pattern will be up and running.  But, it'll be posted here first!

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