Monday, September 24, 2012

It Finally Happened.............

My husband found this in the girls' hen house Sunday afternoon!  No wonder there's been so much clucking going on in there!  And yet today, there were no eggs at all.  Probably very normal at this stage of the game.

Sunday we headed over to Bear Valley Springs to meet up with my dear friend, Kathleen.  We both signed up for a holiday craft show that will be held November 10th.

Isn't the scenery absolutely gorgeous?

The majority of homeowners there seem to all own horses and we even met two of them!

They were nice enough to pose for the camera.

This is Four Island Lake within the golf course.  Beautiful countryside and only about a 15 minute drive from our house.

In knitting news:  A new little pattern is in the works just for little girls.  The pattern has been written and typed and the samples made.  I'm just waiting to do the photo shoot on Sunday when all our grandkids come to visit.  I need one of our granddaughters to be the model.  Hopefully, I'll have the pattern ready to go Sunday evening.   

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Sue said...

What a beautiful place, especially the lake. Just wondering in the first picture is that a real goat. Cute.