Thursday, October 6, 2011

When It Rains...................

Sorry that there's no pictures today, but I just wanted to let you all know that I will be offline for several days.  Remember I told you about having our pellet stove fixed this week, but that they discovered an electrical problem at the wall switch (or with the ceiling fan that my husband put in!) and it was causing a loop over to the stove.  They wanted an electrician to check all that out first and I had that scheduled for tomorrow.

Well, last night while the rain was beating on our windows and a dusting of snow was falling on our mountain tops, our entire off grid system went down.  We put on our rain gear and went out to the pump house, but the generator just wouldn't turn over.  My husband checked fuel lines and everything he could think of.  With that, we shut down the inverter to the generator but kept the one on that goes to the wind turbine. 

We've shut all applicanes off except for the frig.  First thing this morning, we called the company down in Bakersfield that works on these Italian generators and they seem to think it's this one certain part but of course don't have it in stock.  In fact, that part isn't anywhere in California!  It has to be overnighted from Wisconsin!  And it wouldn't even come in until late tomorrow, which means they won't be coming up until Monday.

With all of that, I cancelled out the electrician.  Kinda hard to have him work on the electrical if we're limping along with little power.

Then, if that wasn't all crazy enough, my husband comes in with this awful look on his face and I say, "Now what?"  The wind turbine's shock absorber is now dangling from the top!  At least it's still working but for how long?  So, he calls that repairman and he's coming tomorrow.  He might also be able to take a look at the diesel generator since he installed both systems.

Can anything else go wrong?  Fortunately, we have two small Honda generators and one is running an electric heater in our front room and the wind turbine is keeping the frig going.

My computer battery is dying, so I'm signing off for now.  Keep us in your prayers and we will keep our eyes upward.  It's times like this that keep us closer to the Lord and for that I'm very thankful.

Bye for now............

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