Monday, October 3, 2011

Apples, Pumpkins and Little Boys............

Our grandsons came up yesterday and boy did we have a ball!  We started out at our favorite apple orchard............
Then proceeded to one of the local pumpkin patches..............

Even two year old Carter really got into the action. (By the way, look at his shirt.  Our daughter said that he won't wear any shirt unless it has numbers on it!  Go figure!)

There even happend to be some little Alpacas on the farm next door.

And just as we were leaving the pumpkin patch, these two horses walked by and Mitchell decided to share an apple with them. 

It's always fun to have the boys up and then once they leave, the house becomes way too quiet!

Afterwards, we decided to just sit outside for awhile and enjoy the marvelous fall afternoon.  I always love to stare up at the top of our mountain and as I was doing so, I saw smoke.  Couldn't believe my eyes because everything right up to the top of the ridge on the other side has already burned.

My husband ran and got his binoculars and sure enough he could see a bit of a flame and more smoke.  With that, I called 911 and explained to the dispatcher what we were seeing and where.  She said that they had had several calls earlier in the week and it was just dirt devils.  I told her that we had seen some flame along with the smoke and she said to have my husband look one more time carefully.  I was really getting the feeling that she didn't believe me!  But then, it's been almost a month since the fire came through up there so why would there be a problem now.

We confirmed again to her what we were seeing and about 10 minutes later we saw one lone fire pickup coming up the road and heading toward the old burned area.  Probably just to check it out before calling in the troops!  About 20 minutes later we saw 3 "hot shot" trucks making their way up, too.

At least we weren't loosing our minds and actually did see something on fire.  The only thing we could think of was that a tree had been smoldering all these weeks and maybe had fallen and broken open and the wind helped to ignite it a bit.  Fortunately, it wasn't anything serious and the ground crews got it all out.

Today it's back to knitting the project for this knitting magazine and maybe cranking out a sock or two.

Hope your week ahead is a great one. 

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Tracey said...

Your grandson's are just adorable. I know what you mean about the house being quiet when they go home. I only have one, but she is full of life.
Good for you in spotting the smoke and fire and getting help. Now you can put fire watcher on your resume' :)!xx