Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Rainy Day.................

 Just finished these two pair of socks.  Aren't they fun?

Now, I have a confession.................

I broke with my usual mode of operation and actually matched up the color sequence!  I know, I'm as shocked as you are!

Today we have our first "winter" storm blowing in so it's a good day to stay home and knit socks and work on the magazine project.

Our pellet stove is down so I'm without heat today.  I do have a portable heater that I can turn on if necessary. But, the winds are really gusting, so I ran out and put the brake on the wind turbine.  If need be, I'll just throw on a flannel shirt.

The repairmen were out yesterday to see what's going on with the stove. The wall switch has one rocker switch and two halves.  He wanted to turn the ceiling lights on above the stove to see better but hit the ceiling fan switch instead which ALSO sent a surge to the pellet stove.  With that, he bellowed out "WOW" did you hear that?  Now, we've had this quirky thing going on ever since my husband put in the ceiling fan (all by himself!)  We've kinda just shook our heads at it because the pellet stove motor goes right back off.

Well, this guy yesterday said that it is extremely dangerous and that the pellet stove isn't even on that circuit.  With that, they shut it down and said an electrician has to come and see what's going on before they can repair the pellet stove.  His thinking is that this electrical surge from the ceiling fan has been sending short bursts of electricity to the stove and probably fried the control board.

As I think back to when my husband put in the ceiling fan, I remember him saying, "Gee, there's an extra wire up here!"

Life's always exciting with my hubby!


Suzanne said...

Kathy, that first pair is stunning! Love the colors! And a storm? Good grief, I am just getting used to the chill, which I love, but snow--oh please just awhile longer...LOL!

Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

Love the socks. The pink yarn knitted up very pretty. I like the green & blue color, too. I hope you get the ceiling fan wiring figure out. You will need that stove soon.

frayedattheedge said...

Love the socks - I'm knitting a pair just now using Noro sock yarn, which contains some mohair. When I tried the first one on before decreasing for the toe - oh dear, I started itching!! Bit scary about the electrics, hope you get it sorted out!