Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We Have An Announcement......................

Today's the day that you've all been waiting for. You remember, right? Our November Sock Giveaway! I wish so much that I could give all of you a pair each month, but it just can't be. But, look at all the fun we all have waiting to see who wins. And so, I'm thrilled to announce that Lynn from No. Carolina won November's contest. Congratulations Lynn! I sent you a message via Ravelry just a few minutes ago.

I'd hoped to finish up these socks last night, but by time I gave my hubby a haircut and Mac (our Boston Terrier) his weekly bath, I ran out of steam. I love the 3 x 1 ribbing because it gives the socks such a nice snug fit. Unfortunately, on these antique sock machines, this type of rib won't lock at the top. So, it has to be finished off by hand. No problem tho, just takes a few extra minutes. Today I'll do that and close the toes and remove all the waste yarn. If you're wondering what yarn it is - it's Plymouth Yarn Company's "Zino." And it's a fabulous wool!

For once, we're early with our tree up and decorated. I think they always look so cheerful from outside at night with the front blinds open. My husband has an hour's drive home each night and half of that is driving up the mountain. So, this is kind of my way of that burning candle in the window for him. When he comes up our dirt road, he can spot our tree shining brightly just for him!

See you tomorrow when we give all the details of our next giveway. Have a wonderful day today. And thank you too, for all your wonderful comments - I love reading them.


Lynn said...

Thank you Kathy! I am looking forward to my new socks!

Sue said...

Congrats to Lynn, and the tree is beautiful.

Heather J said...

Beautiful socks, I love the colorway!
Congratulations Lynn.