Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Mini Giveaway Winner is.......................

Congratulations to Sue U. for winning our mini giveaway of a mini key ring purse. Sue, if you'd send me your mailing address (you can click on my email above or to my Ravelry page at the right) I'll get it right out to you. For those of you who are knitters, you can download the free patterns for these that I created for Coats & Clark at the right.

I think tomorrow's post should contain another mini giveaway, don't you?

Remember the green monster that my 7 year old grandson wants? Well, I'm back to finishing it up. He just needs two arms and then I'll take it down with me on Christmas morning and hide him in his room somewhere. It's not a Christmas present, just a little something that he asked me to knit up. Photos will be coming when he's all finished.

Well, I have socks to make this morning so I better get cranking.

Congratulations again, Sue!

Be sure to visit again tomorrow when the next giveway is posted.

Til then................


Wipso said...

Thanks for dropping in to my blog and for your lovely comments. Love the green monster :-)
A x

Phil & Gale said...

Love the green monster! DD is arriving with her family this afternoon from where they work in South Asia! Can't wait. But it will keep me from checking in on the blog giveaways. Boo-hoo. Will try to sneak away to check anyway.

Heather J said...

I love the monster! Might have to find one similar for my 10 year old. Have you tried the little alien on Ravelry? Watch out they are addictive.