Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Sock Give-A-Way

We all seem to be enjoying this monthly sock give-a-way, so let's do it again for December, shall we? Ok, so here's how it works (if you're new to our blog). Just leave a comment on this post during the month of December. And on Jan. 1, 2011 I will randomly draw one name who will win a women's pair of socks. (hand cranked on our antique sock machine named Doris) I get to pick the socks that will be won, but the winner will select the size. (S, M or L) Even if you've already won a pair, you still can enter each month. So, good luck to everyone and I look forward to your comments.

Yesterday I was busy adding some items to our Etsy store. This is one of my favorite scarves.

I finally finished this pair of socks and did a sewn off bind off for the cuff. This is a great technique, but you really have to do it loosely. Not sloppy loosely, but evenly loosely. Don't you hate when pattens use the term "loosely." I use it too, in my patterns, especially with the cast on instructions. I guess once you've made a gazillion socks, you totally "get" what the term means!

The same applies to "bind off loosely." Sometimes it'll say "evenly." Pretty much the same idea. Have you ever bound off a neck edge only to find out you can't get your head through the opening? I hate when that happens!

This scarf was also made on Doris with nothing but leftovers. Who would've thought all these colors could go together so well.

This morning I want to experiment with a new design and I'm hoping "Doris" will help me out. If all goes well, I'll show you a picture tomorrow. Cross your fingers!

Thanks so much for all your kind and wonderful comments. I enjoy this sock give-a-way just as much as all of you. So, keep those comments coming and I'll add reminders with each post.

Have a wonderful day.


Nicole said...

Those socks are SO cute! I don't have any socks that weren't bought in a store! I hope I win :) Happy holidays!

InJuneau said...

I LOVE the things you can create with Doris. She's quite talented, as are you!

(InJuneau on rav)

Valsey said...

I love all your socks and that Doris is amazing!

Valsey said...

I love all your socks and that Doris is simply amazing!

Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

Love the scarf you made with Doris. The colors went together so good. I would love to have a pair of hand made socks by Doris.

Heather J said...

I love your scrappy scarf! I definitely want to be entered for Decembers socks. I also hate those instructions I get why they are written that way but when I was a new knitter they are enough to drive me to drink. (Not quite literally but it was a close run thing a time or

Jessica said...

Love your tree! Happy Holidays to you, your family and Doris!

Kaleigh-Gray said...

You have beautiful socks and that scarf is to dye for!!!!
All that colour and all that warmth with those socks!!!

Thinking of warmth already!!!

Phil & Gale said...

Keep those socks coming! The little coffee socks are cute--and useful. Too bad I don't drink coffee.

Angela said...

Those scarves are so much fun!

Vanessa said...

I wanted to say thank you for my socks... I have a BFF that LOVES my socks so can I enter for her? I would LOVE to give her a NICE warm pair of socks :). I wear a 10 she is an 8 lol so you know it would not be for me :).
Ohio Girl Talks

Ripples In Water said...

I agree with Valsey, Doris IS amazing! I always wondered what it would be like to wear hand(ish) made socks. It boggles my mind that you wear them like store bought socks but that might be because I'm used to working with thicker yarns and have only worn slipper socks. Hope I win and can put this mind boggle to rest lol

Kaleigh-Gray said...

I'd love to learn to do what Doris can do! She can teach a thing or two about how to make beautiful and colourful socks!!!

C said...

I would love to win a pair of your socks. I just bought a pair from you on Etsy but I gifted them so i would be wonderful to win a pair for ME

Laura of Harvest Lane said...

What an incredibly generous give-away!

I found you just recently and I've added you to my sidebar link list. I don't want to miss anything. I've been knitting just over a year. I'm currently making my first pair of mittens using the Knit Picks tutorial.

Do drop in if you have a few moments!

Laura Lane