Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful and I'm hoping that yours was too. Early Thursday morning I told Mac (yes, he understands everything!) that the kids were coming up. So, he spent the better part of the morning sitting there watching for their arrival.

Late that afternoon, I rode back down to Bakersfield with them so that I could watch our three grandsons on Friday. Both Cheryl and Scott had to be in their stores by 2 a.m. - can you imagine?

Saturday we stocked up on diesel and other supplies in anticipation of the snowstorm that was due in late Saturday afternoon. Most of the night was filled with extreme wind and rain, which was quite loud as I was trying to watch the new Mrs. Miracle movie on Hallmark.

The snow came during the night, but the winds blew most of it eastward. Still, Mac decided he wanted his bright red sweater on for comfort.

I tried to capture the blowing snow, but the camera didn't pick it up. Trust me, it's howling out there and I'm glad we turned off the wind turbine yesterday.

After the movie last night, I worked on a pair of socks and finished up the first one this morning. As much as I love to make them on our antique sock machine, I also enjoy handknitting them. Much more relaxing for sure.

November is almost over, so I want to remind you to leave a comment on the post, "November Sock Giveaway" so that you have a chance to win a pair of women's hand cranked socks. In this weather, nothing is nicer!

Til next time..................


Jean A said...


Of course Mac understands everything - he's a dog (and a darn cute one, at that). Love his bright red sweater - so cheerful on a snowy, blowy day. Thanks for posting. Jean

Heather J said...

That sock is beautiful which colorway is it? I love the sweater on your dog he looks cozy.

Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid said...

The sock is made with Schoeller+Stahl's Fortissima Colori. Color #13 It feels very "cushiony" with this particular pattern.

Vanessa said...

I had to come on to say thank you again for my Socks I LOVE them :) I love wearing them when it is chilli outside.