Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Project Updates.......................

Just finished this fun hat and scarf set. The hat was hand knitted and the scarf was cranked out on "Doris" - our antique sock machine. Just added them to our Etsy store in time for the big holiday shopping weekend. Cross your fingers! Yesterday two of our patterns zoomed off through cyberspace to Australia. I always love to see where "Mrs. Crumpet's" next destination will be.

You know how I share (practically nothing!) about a current project that I'm working on for a yarn company? Well, until it's published (or whatever they do with it), I'm just not at liberty to discuss it. But, this past week one that I had done for Red Heart (Coats & Clark) is now up and running. They're called Adirondack Slipper Socks and you can visit their website for all the details. It's hard to see in the photo, but leather soles are attached, too. I could use a pair of those on my feet right now!

Today is my pie baking day - 4 in all. Two pumpkin, 1 cherry and 1 pecan. That should keep everyone happy. There will be 9 of us sharing our Thanksgiving table and I'm looking so forward to having all my family and one dear friend on this special day. The worst of the storms has now passed, so we're expecting sunshine on Thursday, but very cold temps. I think our high that day will be in the upper 30's. I'm shivering already at the thought!

I want to wish all of you and your families a most blessed Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy every minute with your loved ones.

Till next time...................


Jean A said...

Sounds like the pie portion of the menu is in good shape! Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. Jean

Sue said...

Oh how I could use a pair of those warm and soft slippers myself. Southern California is so cold this year. I haven't done it yet but I am gong to check out Coats and Clarks.

I am signed up for Lion Brand's website. Do you ever do patterns for them?

Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid said...

Hi Jean and Sue.
Hope you both had a wonderful day yesterday.

And Sue, about Lion Brand - no, I've never submitted any designs to them. That's a great idea, and one of these days I just may do that!