Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Solar Panels are Working..............

Yesterday the 12 solar panels were connected to our off-grid system and we are off and running.
Within an hour, our 32 batteries were fully charged. 

We're generating so much power that the generator isn't coming on at all during the day, which means that we will try to keep our wind turbine off during daylight hours and just let the solar do its thing.  So, all chores that require electricity will be done in the morning and early afternoon.  And actually, I've always done this anyway, so really no changes to my routine.

By keeping the turbine off during the day now, it will prolong its lifespan, too.  Once the sun goes down and the solar panels have gone to sleep, we'll start the turbine up to provide wind power for our evening needs.  It's really gonna be a balancing act.

When I say "gone to sleep," it's really true.  The engineers who designed this system have a great sense of humor, because the readout on the new little box actually reads "sleeping" at night and then in the morning when the sun comes out, another reading says, "wake up!"  I love that!

Because this is something new to our system, I've been going out checking the battery levels to see what power is coming in and going out.  If I see a reading of "absorbing" then our batteries are charged and the system is actually throwing away power to prevent the batteries from overheating.  At that point, I go inside and maybe run the vacuum, washing machine or do some baking.

It's quite fascinating learning about off grid systems.  Even after 5 years of living like this, we still have a tremendous amount to learn.

In knitting news:  I've signed up for yet another craft show next month and am getting a kick out of making more mug wraps.  I think it's really the unique buttons that make them so special.

And who can resist hearts, right?

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Caffeine Girl said...

Your solar system is amazing. I'm sure the rest of us should be living more like your family! I do feel guilty about all the fossil fuel we use every day.

Love the mug wraps. And who can resist hearts?