Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Solar Job Continues..................

Last week the posts were set in concrete and allowed to dry over the weekend.

Eight posts will hold the frame and twelve solar panels.  On bright sunny days, this system should generate 3.18K of power in addition to our wind turbine.

Yesterday the frame was built and the panels placed on top.  When it was time to place the connectors, they realized that the wrong ones had been shipped.  As crummy as that is, the days have been cloudy and extremely windy and cold.  Not much power would have been generated anyway.  AND, we haven't had solar in the last 5 years at all, so what's a few more days to wait for the new parts to arrive!

I was pleased with our sales at Saturday's craft show and will consider another one next month in Stallion Springs.  Nothing keeps you more motivated with your knitting than knowing you have a craft show deadline!

Sunday I re-organized my craft room which gave me a good opportunity to do some deep cleaning.  Who says you have to have sunshine to start your spring cleaning!

This morning our mountaintop is still shroudded in clouds and it was dropping itsy bitsy snow pellets when I was out cleaning the girly girls' pen.

Speaking of the girly girls.  One of our little gals has gone "broody."  That means that she sits on an egg day and night and rarely comes out for food and water.  This type of hen makes a wonderful mother, but since we have no rooster, there can never be any chicks!  Since this chicken "stuff" is all new to us, we decided to let her have one egg to sit on to keep her happy.  But, the more I research this topic, I see that we really need to break this cycle.  So, later this afternoon I'll go out and remove the egg that we left.  My husband put a happy face on it so that we knew which egg to leave in the nesting box.  I've placed some of her favorite treats by her side, but she hasn't touched them.  Oh, the world of chickens!

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