Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Knitted "Mug Wraps" and a Tiny Giveaway

Our solar installation is stalled until next week because of parts AND my husband and I are both dealing with some kind of sore throat/cough/yuggy feeling kind of bug, SO it's a good time to work on a new pattern and just relax.  (I think that was a very long run-on sentence!)  These are called "Mug Wraps" and will (or should) be in my Etsy and Craftsy shops tomorrow.  Still need to proof the pattern and make one more sample.

The "Cleo the Camel" pattern (that I promised months ago) is over half way completed, too.  I'm so eager to get it up and running because it's so dang whimsical and cute.  But, no sneak peeks yet!

Also, I just got word that a 10 pair-of-socks order is coming in.  Now that makes my day!

Would anyone like to have a tiny giveaway for this sample of our "Mug Wraps?"  If so, please leave a comment on this post and let everyone know what this glorious spring weather has you up to.  Be sure to leave contact info for me, ok?  I'll randomly draw one lucky name on Friday, April 5th for this little wrap. See you all on Friday.


Heather J said...

I love the buttons on your mug wrap. Spring is awesome. We aren't progressing very fast so I am spending moments appreciating birdsongs in the morning so nice! I am afraid I am a flower stalker too. I look every chance I get to see if something has come up or is blooming yet. So far I have only seen crocus but I noticed the daffodils(my fav) are getting taller!

Mumsie said...

Love the mug wrap! Been enjoying the past few days of this beautiful spring weather here in Washington up the garden and the*girls* cottage. Some morning walks and a cuppa or two on the porch! Blessings! Mumsie

aka..Caryl Dungan

Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

I been knitting on a baby blanket for my great nephew. I am also trying to knit some clothes for teddy bears and other stuff aninamls for our knitting guild chairty project. We will give the dressed stuff animals to the police dept or safe place a battered women's shelter.
The last couple of days have been cold and rainy and doesn't feel like spring to me.

Gwendolyn T said...

I love the buttons on this wrap, they are great! Honestly my kids have been sick the past 12 days and we have been stuck inside. I have snuck out back a few times to check on my container garden tho.

Anonymous said...

Really cute!

We've just been venturing outside more often as the ice and snow is still melting here in Upper Peninsula, MI. Little by little each day looks more like Spring.

StaceyKnitsIt ravelry