Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Sneak Peek at the Next Knitting Bag

As you can see, "Cleo the Camel" is almost finished.  Intarsia knitting is so addictive to me - it's like working a jigsaw puzzle that you can't walk away from.  And once the main color work is complete, I usually put on a good movie and work all the duplicate stitch.  I'm hoping to have the bag and pattern totally done by tomorrow evening.  Next post will have Cleo's humorous face ready for the world to see!  AND, you just might get a kick out of the book title that he's holding.

Yesterday I drove out to the desert to do my grocery shopping.  And of course, a stop at JoAnn's craft store is always a must.  Do you love buttons as much as I do?  I could hoard buttons every bit as much as yarn!  I've designed some mug wraps and yarn bracelets and both require unique buttons.  So I stocked up yesterday.  Pretty fun, huh?

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Caffeine Girl said...

Do I love buttons?! I should do a photo of my collection some time. I sort them by color and store them in glass jars from the kitchen -- empty jam jars, etc. At least buttons take up less room than yarn!