Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maintenance Day on the Homestead

When you live totally off the electric grid, you're responsible for all your energy needs and keeping your equipment in tip top shape.

My husband does a marvelous job in maintaining our main source of backup power - the huge diesel generator.  Without it, we'd really be up a creek.

Battery maintenance is crucial as these store the electricity that is generated by our wind turbine.  Once they reach a certain low level, the generator comes on to restore them to full capacity or to assist the batteries when there's a large drain on the system - like the well coming on to fill, washing machine going or I'm cooking.

With spring finally arriving here in the California mountains, everything is coming to life.  The blackberry bush needs an enclosure to keep the critters out, so that's being built today.

The lilac bushes are showing their gorgeous greenery and will have blooms in no time.

One of our new dwarf nectarine trees is in full bloom and so lovely.

 The entire orchard will be spectacular in a matter of weeks.

 2 1/2 acres isn't all that much acreage, but when you have to walk back and forth to the garage to get tools, it definitely becomes tiresome.  This little Polaris Ranger has been so helpful for the guys hauling things all around.

The "girly girls" love watching all the action - definitely little "sticky beaks!"

And if you look real hard in this photo, you'll see two awnry little squirrels watching the activities, too.  I know they're watching everything in bloom and thinking of all the tasty meals that they'll try to sneak in the months ahead!

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Caffeine Girl said...

How nice to see some signs of spring. We still have 4-foot-high snow piles here, which is very unusual!