Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3 Grandsons and an Ostrich.......

Our three grandsons are spending part of their Easter vacation with us and today we all headed over to the Ostrich ranch in the Cummings Valley.

Normally, the boys are totally fearless of just about anything.  But,....................

when we took them into this special enclosure where you can feed the birds and they came running towards us, the boys scrambled as fast as they could to the opposite side!  The birds are on one side of the fence, humans on the other! When a 6 foot bird towers over you by several feet, it can be a bit intimidating!

My husband showed the boys how to take the feeder and lift it as far away from you as possible while the birds ate their pellets. 

And of course we just had to get a picture for mom and dad!

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Caroline said...

What fun grandparents you are!