Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hats, Chickens and Snow Tonight?

Mitchell's hat is done and now I want one just like it!  Isn't it amazing what you can do with leftovers?  Sure hope he likes it.

I have this huge zippered bag that I keep my worsted weight remnants in and I just grabbed randomly for each color change.  In two spots, I added rows with two colors just to add some eye appeal.  Just when you think that certain colors may not match, they somehow all work together quite nicely.

This morning I was out getting the "girly girls" all ready for tonight's big storm.  Plenty of crumble, fresh shavings, clean water and new hay laid down on the ground.  One even left an early morning egg for me!

Later Rick and I will head to the gas station to fill our diesel jugs.  And my hubby is stopping by CostCo this evening for a few essentials.  Then, let it snow!  They're calling for 4 - 7 inches at our elevation with possible freeway closures.  I'm ready and so is my knitting!


Anke said...

Love the hat and love the girly girls. :-) Since we just got our first chicks, I'm all about the "girls". ;-)

Gale Fields said...

Love the hat! So bright and happy.

Caffeine Girl said...

There are few things as cozy as knitting during a snow storm -- especially a cup of hot chocolate!

I do love that hat.