Friday, November 9, 2012

Snow, Socks & Scarves

This is what our mountain looks like without snow.........

This is what it looks like with a slight dusting - which we got last night.  Our first light snowfall in the California mountains can always be exciting and a little more is on the way this evening.

But, I hope not too much because I have a craft show to do tomorrow morning over in Bear Valley Springs.

Here's a pair of socks that will be traveling with me.  The yarn is Pagewood Farm's "Denali" and the color is appropriately named, "Indian Corn."

Never do we allow yarn to go to waste around here.  I call this my "Leftovers Scarf" which is made entirely from the remaining yardage of each skein.  Pretty fun, huh?

It too, will be heading to tomorrow's craft show.

Hold a good thought for us that we sell oodles of socks tomorrow.  Next week will find me cranking out even more socks because we have a two day show right after Thanksgiving.

And be sure to stay tuned, because we just may be having a sock giveaway right after Thanksgiving.

Two more designs are also in the works, but probably won't be ready until around Dec. 1st. 


Heather J said...

The mountains are beautiful. I hope your sale goes well the light snow might help. I love the scarf. How many pairs of socks does it take to make a scarf?

Carol said...

Enjoyed reading about Doris and seeing your beautiful socks. I have a friend who owns about 8 sock machines and she also names them! You might enjoy her blog, FiberDev.

off grid living said...

Everything is really very beauty-full...