Friday, November 16, 2012

Should I Be Having This Much Fun?

Usually, getting ready for a big Christmas Craft Show can be very nerve racking.  But, for some reason I've come to terms with the hustle and bustle of all the prep work.  I decided to put on some great Christmas music and just knit away.

The socks at the top just came off the drying rack and blocked out beautifully.  The color is called "Prism" and it's Pagewood Farm's "Denali" sock yarn.

And in between making socks, I've decided to hand knit more mittens.  I had this great sparkly fiber and had some matching Cascade 220 - how perfect together!

Throughout this process I've come to the conclusion that knitting mittens is every bit as addictive as making socks!

Thanks goodness my inventory is rebuilding for next week's show.  My cut off day will be Tuesday because Wednesday is baking day for Thanksgiving.  The two days right after Thanksgiving will be the craft show, and THEN we'll have a little sock giveaway right here.

The month of December will be spent getting ready for Christmas and knitting strictly for my family.  My guys definitely need some new woolen mittens and our 2 new granddaughters have also asked for some.  4 year old Mary wants pink (her favorite color) and Dana who just started kindergarten wants blue.  How fun to finally get to knit for some little girls!


Caffeine Girl said...

I've done a few pairs of mittens. I'd like to do more as they are very practical in Wisconsin. I still struggle with thumbs. I actually find them more difficult than kitchnering a toe!

IrishEyes said...

Your socks are so lovely!