Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scenes of Bear Valley & Pictures of Doris

The craft show on Saturday was great and now I'm cranking away for the BIG show that's right after Thanksgiving.

Bear Valley Springs is always a delightful place to visit and sell socks.

The colors are sure changing with quite a nip in the air.

One of our new customers was curious about Doris and how she makes socks.  Mabel, this is what the socks look like when they come off the machine.  At the top of the ribbing is waste yarn that will be removed and the 1 x 1 ribbing is already locked, so I just have to weave in the end.

Here you can see the toe with waste yarn and I'll close it with a kitchener stitch.

Doris is definitely a work horse and I've made hundreds of socks on her.  Here you can see the 72 needles that she holds.

With each turn of this crank wheel, it counts as one round.  It looks very much like the old ice cream maker cranks, but instead of getting ice cream, we get a sock!  Thanks Mable for being such a wonderful customer and I hope you've enjoyed seeing what Doris looks like.


Carol said...

Enjoyed seeing Doris and your beautiful socks. I have a friend who has 8 sock machines and also names them! Her blog is FiberDev if you want to take a look.

Leslie said...

I would just love to touch Doris and watch her knit!