Monday, September 12, 2011

Smoky Skies and Hand Cranked Socks...................

Fortunately, no homes are threatened at this time but the winds have once again shifted and the Tehachapi valley is engulfed in smoke.  There's several fires to our west and also down in the San Joaquin valley that are bringing the smoke up into our mountains.
It's so bad that we've had to close all our windows and try to stay inside.  So, when you can't go outdoors, the best thing to do is crank out some socks!

This pair was finished up yesterday and ready to be added to our Etsy shop.  The yarn is Yukon from Pagewood Farm and it's a wonderful fiber - merino superwash/bamboo/nylon.  And did I say hand dyed also?  Very yummy.

I'm still working on the sock for our next pattern in the evenings and will get that up as quickly as possible.  The projects for the yarn company were put in the mail on Friday, so now I have a bit more free time to get back to cranking out socks on Doris and Zak.  If you're new to our blog, Doris and Zak are our sock machines.  Doris is an antique and Zak is a new machine from New Zealand.

Thanks so much for all your comments - I really look forward to hearing from you all and wish you a wonderful day ahead.

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Caroline said...

So sad about all of the fires. We have a friend here in Taft who is a fireman and spent the weekend up near you fighting fires. We had more rain than I can ever remember getting at one time in September, but the next morning, we could smell the fires from all of the lightening strikes. Hope it gets better soon!