Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Fires ..............

These top two photos show the devastation from the recent fire that was just above where we live.  14,000 acres were lost, 32 homes and two men were killed in the plane that crashed.

Early this morning the monsoons arrived which bring in unstable air that's usually filled with dry lightning.  Sure enough, just to the west of Tehachapi this fire broke out and they're fighting it with everything they have.

This is a view from our back steps.  Right now we're having strong winds that are coming off the desert, but usually by evening the winds will either stop or shift completely and blow from the west.  Many, many homes are up in there along with the community of Golden Hills.  Unfortunately, this weather is due to stick around through tomorrow.

We're completely safe where we live, but it will be a long night for the different communities in the area.  Technically, we're all Tehachapi, but within our mountains are places like Stallion Springs, Hart Flat, Keene and Bear Valley Springs.

Please hold good thoughts for everyone up in our neck of the woods.

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Anonymous said...

I have been so thankful that we have not had many fires here in So. Cal. like we do some years that I have forgotten to pray that other areas were safe. Sorry. I hope this will all be over soon for all of you. I know how it is to be able to see and know you are safe but the feelings for the others not so safe is truly a concern. Been there many times my self. You and those in your area will be in my prayers. (BTW can't get the name and URL to work today so I just wanted to say it's me, Sue from Suzie Utoozie.)