Monday, June 20, 2011

Save Our Tehachapi Mountains

I've shown you some of the photos of the huge wind turbines that they've put on our hillsides to our east. And now we've heard that they will try to put 137 of them on our beloved Tehachapi Mountains. I won't go into all the details about the landowner up there, but basically he's trying to get the area rezoned. Ultimately, it will come down to a vote by the county supervisors, unless all the preliminary studies indicate it's a no-go early on.

The City of Tehachapi has taken a stand of "No" for this project, but unfortunately these mountains are not within the city limits.

Some would ask me, "you have a wind turbine on your property, don't you?" The answer is yes, but it's all of 33 feet tall with each blade measuring approximately 3 feet long. Not even visible from town. The turbines that they want to install in our mountains are 500 feet tall with 3 blades and each blade is the length of a football field. They can be seen for miles and miles away.

They've installed 3 towers near the top already to start environmental studies and two have already blown down. That's a good sign! These mountains have extreme weather in them during the winter and when the winds come from the south, they come up over them and down slope with sometimes hurricane force winds.

Our only chance to fight this now is to go line by line with each issue - such as endangered species, wildlife and plant environments, watershed, etc. None of us moved up here to see this happen and our land values will plummet. Nor will we receive any of the power created by this project. It's all going to Los Angeles, we'll just get the eyesores! One well known company has already invested 55 million dollars!

We just had our first meeting and now we hope to get better organized to stop such a project from destroying the beauty of our mountains. I'll keep you all updated as things develop.

You can do a search under "Pahnamid" to read more about this.

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Tracey said...

Oh Kathy I do hope they don't destroy the mountain! Hopefully everything will be a not go and it will be over soon.
I came from town this morning and passed huge yellow sign indicating roads. They are suppose to help with hurricane evacuations, but all they did was destroy the beautiful view we had. Such a shame.