Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Great Find..............

What is it about a good garage sale? I've recently discovered how much fun they can be, especially ones that are out in the country. That's where the really old and good stuff can be found. The ones in town usually have all the plastic junk!

Saturday we stopped by one at a local church. I always head for the pile of craft books if they have any. Sure enough, I spotted some cross stitch books and started going through them. Buried within was this "Learn How Book". I couldn't believe my eyes. I had this when I first learned to knit. I loved that book! Except for a slight center crease, it was in super condition. What a find, huh? Oh, the memories that it brought back.

Years ago (you won't believe this), I went to a used book sale and they had a large table of craft books. There, leaning up against the wall was "The Principles of Knitting" for $4.00! Yep, $4.00. You just never know what you'll find out there.

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Caffeine Girl said...

I hoping to make time to do some garage sale shopping this summer. I hope I have as good of luck as you!