Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Weather Outside is Frightful................

But the fire is so delightful...............I'll be singing this song over the next several days. I guess the storm is just off the coast of California and due to dump several inches of snow on us. Could it really flurry down to the 1,000 foot level? Time will tell.

This new "Step" yarn by Austermann that we get from Skacel Yarn Co. is doing well. We've already sold 3 pr of socks in it. Just working with it is delightful. It's the Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil that make it feel so cashmere-like and then to think that it softens your feet while wearing them! Well, that's just too much wonderfulness! The infusion of the aloe and jojoba lasts approximately 40 washings. I really need to make myself a pair.

My aunt received her birthday socks and loves them. I can remember as a little girl when she knitted my doll a hat. I can still see that hat and remember how thrilled I was receiving it. Now, as my aunt is in her 80's, I'm knitting for her. Isn't life fun?

Well, I have some socks to mail off this morning and I need to run to the food store with this snow storm coming in. I'm wondering since I just used the term "food store" if any of you say that, too? I'm originally from Michigan so is that a term from the midwest, or am I just weird? Everyone here says "grocery store."

More sock pictures will be coming................


Tracey said...

I have never heard it called a food store and I have lived on the west and east coast. It must be a midwest thing. I say grocery or market.
I love snow, but now I don't want it here. All of my fruit trees are budding and I don't want to lose any fruit. We are 72 today so I can deal with that. I am only 3 feet above sea level so maybe that will help. Stay warm.

Laura of Harvest Lane said...

Hey There Mac!
Where did your mom buy the new yarn? I like the one with the pink dots on it.

You're a man er mac of many talents sir!

InJuneau said...

My lovely gift/prize from Mac arrived yesterday. Thank you very much!

Hope the storm doesn't hit you too hard.

Tracy said...

I received my gift from Mac yesterday. :) Thank you so much! Now I'll have to learn to tinker with them! So with your expected snowfall, Mac, do you like the snow? My son is 2 so he doesn't have much experience with snow and he loves how it looks and stomping on it, but doesn't want it to touch him.

hooknread said...

Here in WV, it's "grocery store." I learned in high school that since a "grocery" is a store that sells food, the term is actually redundant.