Friday, February 18, 2011

"Ask Mac"

I told Mac that he had to rise and shine early because he had two questions to answer on his blog segment this morning! I'm afraid he was up late last night watching "The Shaggy Dog!"

Tracy: Question for Mac. Today your lady mentioned making lasagna, are you allowed to eat any and if so, are you like Garfield?

Mac: My mom lets me have a little but she picks out the onions because dogs aren't supposed to have those. I would eat the whole pan of it if she let me!

InJuneau: Questions for Mac. Since you're a boy dog, do you ever suggest to your "mom" that she should try to knit men's sized socks on Doris? Or is Doris a size that wouldn't allow her to knit large enough socks for men? Also, has she ever used Doris to knit anything for you?

Mac: My mom has made men's socks on her sock machine, but for some weird reason she likes to make them for women more. I keep telling her to make 'em for us guys, but she just smiles at me and says they take too much yarn! I'll keep working on her.

And no, she hasn't made me anything on Doris. Probably because the 72 needles that Doris holds won't make me anything that will fit around my "pleasingly plump" tummy. She has promised me a new handknit sweater tho.

Thanks Tracy and Rebecca for your questions this week. My mom said that since there were just two of you this week writing to me, that she thought I should send you both a little something. She has Rebecca's address but not Tracy's. If you're reading this Tracy, could you please send my mom your mailing address? She'll send you an email, too.

If any of you have any questions for next week, just leave a comment and my mom will make sure that I get them. See you next week and now my mom wants to say a few things........

My husband left early for work this morning and I got to see the most gorgeous moon setting in the west. Hard to capture a good picture in the dark, but thought you'd like to see it anyway.

Another pair of socks cranked out and ready to go into our Etsy shop. Did I tell you that we may be able to get a new NZAK machine later this year? I'm looking at one with a capacity to hold 64 needles and the ribber 32. That would allow me to use sock yarn that is slightly thicker than what we use now. Hold a good thought that we can make this happen as quickly as possible.

One more announcement: If you're like me, I totally enjoy Caffeine Girl's blog, but haven't been able to access it. I just heard from her and you can visit her new blog and read all about the glitch.

Mac and I wish you all a knittingly good day and we'll see you again over the weekend!


Tracey said...

The moon is fantastic on this side of the country too. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Tracy said...

Thank you for answering my question, Mac. :) I'm a wee bit like Garfield too. I just LOVE lasagna. But I don't either the whole pan either. I like fitting through doors and buckling my seat belt. :) I'm glad she can share the awesomeness that is lasagna. Oh and a weird bit of trivia, Garfield shares my birthday. Isn't that cool.

Thank you, Mac and Kathy for the upcoming gift. :)

InJuneau said...

Oh, thank you for picking me too, Mac!

Beautiful photo of the moon, and lovely new socks too!

(and, Mac, keep working on her on men's socks; I'd buy a pair for my hubby if there were some, as I haven't learned to knit any for him yet!)

Sue said...

Hi Mac, I love lasagna too but I don't make it too often because I will eat it, onions and all, for dinner and breakfast the next morning, till it is gone.

I don't have a question for next Friday but will probably have some soon as I plan to get started knitting here real soon. I think about it every day and I want to be good enough to make nice scarf's for my family by next Christmas.

Thank your Mom for all the encouragement and for showing us the beautiful socks she makes.