Friday, February 4, 2011

"Ask Mac" - February 4, 2011

Hi, it's me Mac and today's my day to have the blog all to myself! So, let's get right to the questions....

Amy: Ok Mac, here is my question for you....I have a dog named Griffin. He will sit by me while I knit or crochet but does not seem to take an interest. He is a Bichon/Frise-West Highland Terrier mix. Do you have some suggestions about how I can get him more involed?

Mac: Have you knitted him something? That sure got my attention when my mom made me a sweater. Now I love yarn and on cold days I always wear it. Maybe you could keep some dog treats in your knitting bag, too. That'll get Griffin's attention!

Vanessa: Ok, I have a question Mac. I have a dog Saide May. She is a German Shepherd hound mix....when I tell her to sit or stay she ignores me. How can I get her to listen to me? P.S. She listens when I tell her to drop it when she picks up my yarn. So why not to sit or stay?

Mac: Well, if Saide May is anything like me, I have a mind of my own. When my mom tells me to sit, I can tell in her voice that she doesn't really mind if I do it or not. But, every dog knows that you never touch your mom's knitting!

Sue: Mac, thanks so much for the info on why I may be making misshapen triangles instead of rectangles when I knit. I am going to watch myself when I turn rows and see because I am probably doing a yarn over instead of just turning. Thanks!

Mac: You're welcome, Sue. Keep counting those stitches!

Tracy: Does Mac have many friends that he has around the house, or is he an only "child."

Mac: I have a "brother" named Bo and you can read all about him on my mom's posts from way back (A Dog Named Bo). We found him up here and he was abandoned and on the verge of going wild. It took my mom 2 months before he would even let her touch him. But, now he's part of our family and loves us all with his whole heart.

Thanks everyone for the questions. If anyone has some for me for next week, just leave them here and my mom will make sure that I get them.

I put your names in my "clean" doggy dish and drew out one name to win a little something from me (Ok, my mom really made it!). Amy is the lucky winner and my mom will send you an email so that you can send her your mailing address. She's going to send you a "mini key ring purse." For those of you who would like to knit one of these up, you can go to the Coats & Clark link at the right and download the free patterns. My mom designed these for Coats.

Thanks for all the fun and I'll see you next week. And remember, I'll be drawing one lucky name from the questions that I get for next week's blog. See you then!


Amy said...

Mac, thanks for your advice about Griffin. What on earth have I been thinking. I have not yet knit him up a coat. Yikes...he is jealous. He has seen me knit socks for both my husband and son and yet nothing for him. Yay! I am glad I won the prize. Thanks!

Vanessa said...

Ty you Mac for the Advice :)

Vanessa said...

♥Thank You for the advice Mac ♥