Thursday, February 17, 2011

Socks Anyone?

Isn't this yarn just downright yummy? We just got a shipment from Skacel of their "Step" yarns which are infused with aloe and jojoba oil. Today I'll crank out the second sock and hurry and get these listed on our Etsy shop. This yarn just glides through the needles on "Doris"! And boy do they feel wonderful to the touch. They're actually supposed to make your feet softer and the aloe/jojoba will last through something like 40 washings.

This is a colorpack that has 7 different colors ( 2 of each). Suzanne, if you're reading today's blog, there's a couple of fall colors in this batch that I will be making and will send you photos via your email for you to check out.

These 4 pair are ready to ship off to Loren in N.J. Hope she likes 'em!

And this pair were finished late last night and just listed in our Etsy shop. They're made with Plymouth Yarn Co.'s "Sockin Sox" yarn. It too, is a fabulous yarn.

Today I have a few errands and then I'll get back to making socks all afternoon. Somewhere in there I'll make a big pan of lasagna for my guys for dinner! YUMMO


Tracy said...

Question for Mac.

Today your lady mentioned making lasagna, are you allowed to eat any and if so, are you like Garfield?

Tracey said...

I just know that Doris feels like she is at the spa using yarn with aloe and jojoba oil. I have never heard of it before now.
I would love to have lasagna; I haven't made it in a while. I think that just went on next weeks menu.
Have fun making socks.

Mumsie said...

I absolutely love the *Steps* yarn, esp. the first pic! Makes a beautiful sock! On the yarn list for sure! ;o)
p.s. pattern arrived..thank you for mailing it! ;o) You're a peach!
Blessings, Mumsie

InJuneau said...

Questions for Mac.

Since you're a boy dog, do you ever suggest to your "mom" that she should try to knit men's sized socks on Doris? Or is Doris a size that wouldn't allow her to knit large enough socks for men?

Also, has she ever used Doris to knit anything for you?

Caffeine Girl said...

Gorgeous socks. And I have to get that new yarn. I have no end of problems with my feet!

I've been dealing with a handful of disasters, including the loss of my domain name. Please come visit me at my new home:

Suzanne said...

Love those colors in the first pic!

Vanessa said...

oh my I loveeeeeeeeee the top pair sooo pretty~! Sorry I have not stopped by like I do but have been sick, girls sick, girls had Surgery.. busy busy mommy lol