Friday, February 15, 2013

Owls and Comfort Food

No, this isn't "owl" pot pie, but chicken pot pie.  I just knew that this title would get your attention!  With the restaurants totally crazy on Valentine's Day, I always opt to have a nice quiet dinner at home.  And pot pie is always a hit at our house.  Of course, with my husband now being pre-diabetic, he had to pass on the biscuits but he still enjoyed the meal.

Sometimes I make a bottom and top crust or even just the single top crust, but last night I decided that buttermilk biscuits would be tasty over the mixture.  And the good news- there's leftovers for this evening!


Now, about those owls.  There is a totally fabulous shop on Etsy called "The Hat and I." Her crochet designs are so much fun and even tho my crochet skills are somewhat limited, I just had to order her pattern for the owl tote.

What a darling design and it's so great for using up your leftovers.  The tote requires 8 owls to be made and here's the first one.  Pretty fun, huh?  If you get a chance, take a peek in her store.  It's sure to bring a smile to your day.

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Caroline said...

Your chicken pot pie looks delicious! I had no interest in braving the crowds in any of the restaurants in Bakersfield...or even Taft. We just had a nice evening at home tool That's the best way to celebrate, I think.