Monday, February 18, 2013

Civil War Days at Calico Ghost Town

Head towards Barstow, Ca. and get on the 15 like you're heading to Las Vegas and you come to the small town of Yermo.  Get off on Ghost Town Road and you'll find yourself back in the 1800's in a small silver mining town called Calico.

This weekend is their Civil War Days complete with troops from both sides in full uniform and totally playing the part.

Even the women were in period attire.

The day begins with a combined military parade along main street.

Campsites were placed throughout the town so that visitors could view what conditions would have been like for these men.

These two visitors (my son and husband!) marveled at the artillery. 

Just FYI - some upcoming events at Calico:  Easter & Egg Hunt March 31, Wild West Fest April 26 & 27 and Spring Festival May 11 & 12. 

Calico is a wonderful attraction for the whole family, but go in fall, winter or spring because the summers can be brutal in the California desert!

More pictures to come on the next post.


Caroline said...

I can't remember the last time we stopped at Calico. We used to travel back East a lot, and it was fun with our kids to have a place to stop.. Maybe we'll have to make a spring trip there. It's not that far for those of us in Kern County.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I've heard of Calico. That looks like so much fun. Very nice little road trip huh !