Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Shoe Lace Gang............

The girls are officially in their outdoor run and hen house.  Tonight will be their first time sleeping in their new digs.  At sundown, we'll go out and start teaching them how to walk up their plank and then shut and lock their door behind them.

They love it when I come into the run because they've discovered my shoe laces and fight over who can untie them first!

My husband hinged up the cleanout and entry doors today.

We even added linoleum to their house floor!  We'll probably just put newspaper over the back half and then add a deep layer of shavings in front for the area that will eventually become their nesting boxes.

Monday the girls will turn 6 weeks old and already they are huge!  And Deborah, you asked if I can tell them apart.  I'm clueless to who's who! 

In knitting news (yep, I'm back at it) I ordered lots of fun colors of KnitPicks' Palette.

I'm working on a new sock design and thought you'd enjoy seeing the inside.  The top portion of the sock is done in Fair Isle, so there will be lots of ends to weave in.

It's really a shame that more knitters don't try Intarsia and Fair Isle - especially in socks.  To me, these methods are so addicting - much like working a jigsaw puzzle.  Once I have this pattern up and running, it will be posted here and placed in our Etsy Shop and on our Ravelry site.

Now to throw some baked potatoes into the oven and then catch a few rounds of my sock.

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Caffeine Girl said...

LOL! I love that you can't tell them apart but still name them!

I saw my next-door neighbors' chickens yesterday. They also have build a very nice home. They have four, but they all look different, so they can use the names. My neighbors have two young children, and they are SO cute with the birds.