Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Poor Little Lucy - How Could It Have Happened.....

We couldn't believe it as we looked into the girls' pen late Sunday afternoon.  There was Lucy on her side, eyes closed and foot up in the air.  Our hearts sank for the little gal.  My husband reached down to pick her up and the mintue he touched her, her eyes opened, she leaped up and started squawking at him as if saying, "you fool, why'd you wake me up - don't you know that you don't wake a girl up from her nap!!!'

Ok, we're new to this whole concept of raising chickens, but honestly, have you ever heard of a chicken sleeping on their side and looking well, quite dead?  Isn't that what perches are for?

Needless to say, we were quite thrilled that she was fine.

A storm blew in late last night and we've been under a high wind warning since.  Expected gusts possibly to 70 mph.  This is a bit late in the season, but we are always prepared.  You can see my tree doing it's best to bend - fortunately all our trees are staked.

Because of the cold temps and high winds, the girls will have to spend the day inside their hen house.  They've got plenty of water and food and later I'll take them some greens from our garden - that's always a treat for them.

We even had to turn off the wind turbine before calling it a night.  It's still off so we'll have to conserve our power usage the rest of the day.

On days like this it's best to just crank out a pair of socks and let the weather do what it may!

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