Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Girls Turn Nine Weeks Old

Lucy, Ethel, Cluckie, Mildred and Gertrude will be a whopping 9 weeks old tomorrow.  Wow!  Already they are quite large.

We've become their source of entertainment.  While we work around the property they jump up onto their perch to watch all our activities.  Could that be where the saying "Sticky Beak" comes from?

They especially keep an eye out on me while I'm working in the lettuce patch - lettuce just happens to be their favorite treat and they rush to the pen door when they see me coming.

This whole chicken thing was my idea, but my husband has become the girls' biggest fan and totally enjoys hanging out with them.

Guess I do, too!  The minute you crouch down inside their pen, they fly right up onto your knee and then to your shoulders.  The view is good from up there!

In another week they'll be ready to switch to the next level in food.  We supplement them with fresh greens from our garden and just introduced small tomatoes.  At first they were quite frightened when I  tossed the tomatoes into their pen, but now they squabble over them.

And yes there's a bit of knitting news - I'm working on the next southwestern sock design.  It'll be called "The Nogales Sock."  The chart is now complete and the colors selected so the knitting has begun.  Maybe by Friday I'll have the sample sock done to show you.

Have a great week!

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