Monday, May 21, 2012

Pictures of the Girls

The girls turned 4 weeks old today and we really need them out of our bathroom!  If the weather will mellow out permanently, they will be ready to transition to the outside in about 2 weeks.

We worked diligently today on their chicken run and should have it finished tomorrow.  We have hardcloth buried beneath the entire enclosure and up the sides.  We added just chicken wire to the top, but will add the tin roofing tomorrow.  That way, no wild birds can get inside and hopefully no predators can dig under.

Next up will be the girls hen house.  All of this is trial and error because my husband has zippo carpentry skills - seriously - ZERO!  But, bless his cotton socks because I think he's doing a marvelous job!

The girls look like they are molting because they're now getting feathers.  This morning one "flew the coop" when we lifted the lid to muck out their box.  (yep, another one of those chicken sayings!)

I can see why people enjoy raising chickens because they are quite fascinating to watch.  You might be wondering if they are a bit smelly being in the house like this.  The answer is no!  We change their wood shavings once a day and then do spot "doodle" pickup at least twice a day.

At the ranch supply store yesterday I bought a 2 gallon waterer for their new coop and a special little rake.  I've decided that my new favorite place to hang out is the "hay and feed" store.  Yep, yarn stores have now taken a backseat!!

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Heather J said...

I love feed stores. The chicken yard looks great can't wait to see the coop!