Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Girls Turn 2 Weeks Old.....

The girls are becoming more active now and extremely busy during the night.  Downright noisy, in fact.  What amazes me most is that they sound like little parakeets.  Somehow I expected them to start "clucking" by now!  We still haven't named the other 3, just Lucy and Ethel.  But, I loved the names that you suggested.  We can't even tell them apart at this stage of the game!

This morning I was "mucking" out their brooder box and one actually tried to fly out!  They're getting their feathers now and their wings have probably tripled in length.  So cute!

We spent the past weekend working on their run.  The guys lined the center with cement and then we'll lay hardcloth wire outward and up the sides once the walls are put into place.  After the run is completed we'll start the hen house.  The rush is on because they should be ready to transition to the outdoors within 4 weeks.


Heather J said...

We watched Muppets last night. I can't believe I forgot about Camille the chicken.

Caffeine Girl said...

I am so glad you are sharing your "girls" progress. I know that chickens are all the rage now for city-dwellers, but I'm way too lazy. It's much better to watch you do the work!