Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Craft Shows, Chicks and Socks......

The Pony Club's Craft Show had a disappointing turnout this past Saturday.  We sold a few things, but nothing like I had hoped.  That happens, so you just keep on cranking out those socks and get 'em back in your Etsy shop!

If nothing else, just the scenery over in Bear Valley is worth the trip.  It's only about a 15 minute drive from where we live, but the landscape is totally different.  Lots of oak trees, mountains and even a small lake.

The girls turned 3 weeks old yesterday and really look like little chickens now.  I know that sounds weird because they ARE chickens, but it still amazes me.  They love toys and enjoy this TP roll.

Since I can't tell them apart yet, I call them all Lucy!  Actually, I just always say, "hi girls" when I come in to feed them and clean their brooder box.  I can sure see now where these crazy "sayings" come from, too - like "getting up with the chickens" and "the pecking order."

And now between watching my grandkids and cranking out more socks, I'll start to add more to our Etsy shop.  This is really the time to be knitting for the next Christmas season.

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Sue said...

Oh the Girls are so cute and made me laugh. I loved the landscape pictures, beautiful. Don't feel too bad about not selling too much because I think the lunar eclipse had a lot to do with peoples mind sets at least it seemed to. What is it about a full moon and eclipses that makes people act so strange? Or seem to anyway.