Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fingerless Mitts on a Circular Sock Machine..............

Many thanks to Handwerks
for creating this wonerful pattern for the fingerless mitts on a CSM. I could never have figured this one out on my own!

What's really spiffy too, is that the mitts can be used on either hand.

I used the Bungee sock yarn from Plymouth for this mitt because of the stretch factor. It sure makes it easier to pick up the side stitches along the thumb.

Once you do one, then you get a better grasp for the method of construction. The thumb isn't "free" like a hand knit, yet you have complete mobility with it when worn.

Basically, you knit the cuff ribbing, then some stockinette and finally reach the thumb. At this point you place the back needles into non-working position and work only on the front needles for the thumb and gusset.

Weights are critical at the edges to keep the stitches from jumping off. Once, the thumb is knitted, then you add waste yarn and remove those stitches. The scary part now begins and you pick up the side stitches of the thumb and place them on the front needles.

With all the needles back into working position, you knit the hand portion followed by more ribbing at the top to keep the mitts nice and tight around your fingers.

It took me one practice mitt before I felt confident to make a "real" pair.

I get the feeling that the mitts are slightly more intense than making a pair of socks, but with time my confidence level will increase.

Have a wonderful day!


Heather J said...

Thanks for the pics and the instructions. I always love it when you show a new facet of Doris or Zac.

Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

The mitts looks very nice on your hand. They look like the fit tight but not too tight around the hand. I am sure the more mitts you make, you will find it easier to do or maybe even some shortcuts.

EL said...

I've made mitts on the machine but never fingerless. They turned out great well done. I might just have to give them a try.