Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Pony and Poppies..........

Yesterday afternoon we took the back road down the mountain and out to the desert to do our grocery shopping in Lancaster. Halfway down, we saw this small valley filled with poppies. What a site!

On our way home, I spotted the new "little guy" up near the fence. For weeks, everytime I've driven by, he's either taking his nap or on the far side of the corral with his mom. He just happened to be in camera range at this very moment.

What a face, huh? Definitely a cutie pie!

It's amazing how large the Clysdales are. Really, really fun to see them everyday and it's even more fun when they hitch 'em up to their wagon and they come up past our house.


Tracey said...

I can't see poppies without thinking of The Wizard of Oz.
The little colt you took pictures of is just adorable.

Stephanie V said...

Thanks for leaving the comment - and the visit, too, of course. Your business sounds like fun. Having a second machine must really speed up those orders. Good luck!