Thursday, May 12, 2011

Look Who Just Arrived

We've been waiting a long time for this moment. Our new sock machine has arrived and I'm absolutely thrilled. This machine is called a New Zealand Auto Knitter (NZAK), pronounced N (like the letter) + Zak (as in the boy's name). So, it only made sense to name him Zak! Yes, he indeed came from across the pond from New Zealand and even survived the great quake that they recently had.

We've set him up right across the table from Doris (our Legare 400) and "she's" absolutely gushing over him! The difference between the two is that Doris's cam holds 72 needles and Zak's has 64. I'm hoping with the slightly thicker sock yarns that I won't have to tighten the tension as great on him, so the socks will have more of a handknit look and feel.

I just can't believe how sparkly and new he looks. For now, I'm just practicing tubes on him so that I get a good feel for how he cranks and behaves. We're gonna get along just fine!

And here's a couple of pair of socks that Doris just cranked out. Doris has literally cranked hundreds of socks and is well broken in. Zak will loosen up too, the more I use him. Isn't he a dream?

Oh, and just a reminder, today's the last day to leave a comment on the post, "A Project For Your Best Friend" for a chance to receive a free downloadable pattern for the Doggy Placemat.

See you tomorrow with the name of the winner.

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