Monday, May 30, 2011

Even the Ravens Were Grounded

Yesterday the weather was so March-like that even the Ravens weren't flying. Tomorrow is June and we're all wondering when spring will be here for good. I'm thinking tho, that we may just skip spring and jump right into summer.

Yesterday morning we woke to wind, rain, sleet and snow flurries. Thank goodness I can close my blinds and just make socks all day long. That always cheers me up.

By late in the day the gusts grew stronger, but we realized they were finally blowing this system out of here.

And then it happened, the sun began to appear. All our spirits were lifted and we knew that we'd wake to full sunshine the next day. And today is definitely a beauty. Slowly the temps will now start to rise and maybe the poor tomato plants will perk up.

Let's hope that we all have a marvelous week ahead. Happy Memorial Day to everyone.


Caffeine Girl said...

Bizarrely, your weather isn't that different from what we've got 2,000 miles east. We feel like we've gone straight from winter to summer, too.

Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

It is so funny how different the weather can be in the same country.
Here in north Alabama, the temperature was in the low 90's this weekend. It is going to be in the upper 90's all week with no chance of rain. The humidity is already awful outside. These are the temperatures we usually have in mid-July.