Saturday, April 16, 2011

Two New Designs Now Available

Several months ago I did two designs for the wonderful folks at Coats & Clark and they're now ready on their site as free patterns. I wasn't sure that I should put the pictures on my blog, so instead I'll give you a link to our Ravelry site that shows the designs and from there you can click over to the Red Heart page.

One is for an Easy Cuffed Hat

and the other is for Lacy Knee Highs.

Hope you like 'em!


Tracey said...

Thanks so much for sharing the link...I love the Lacy Knee Highs and know a girl who will love them too. Guess I know what she will be getting for a birthday gift.

Oreo said...

Thanks for sharing the links for these patterns. I especially like the hat. I knit TONS of hats for charity and this will be a good one to add to the pattern collection.