Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Day to Stay Inside

We have yet another system making its way through our mountains today. In fact, I can't even see our mountains! It's 44 degrees out there with high winds. They warned of gusts up to 55 mph, so we trudged out early this morning to turn off the wind turbine. That means we must conserve our power today or have the diesel generator run and run.

Thank goodness my plants are starting to sprout inside. That makes me so hopeful that spring will come and stay with us!

The herbs are doing nicely and I need to plant some more varieties this weekend.

I started the spring house cleaning and almost half the house is done. Gosh that makes me feel good! As each room is dusted from top to bottom and windows and blinds scrubbed, the finishing is steam cleaning the carpets as I go. I was going to do the carpet in our bedroom, but it's just too cool and I want it to dry thoroughly in one day. Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow.

So for now, I'll get back to cranking more socks. This "Step" yarn is a delight to work with. Have you tried it?

Oh, and one last reminder before Tax Day - be sure to read the post "April Giveaway" for a chance to win a pair of women's hand cranked socks.

See you again on Friday to let you know who our winner is.


Tracey said...

Your herbs look lovely.
Spring has been here for awhile, but I am very behind in my cleaning. I am slowly working on closets. Have plans next week to paint walls so hopefully that will kick me into high gear to finish.

Sue said...

Beautiful plants there. Ours are all growing and getting bigger every day. I can't wait for the vine grown tomato's.
Yesterday it was in the 80's in So. Cal. and today it seems a bit cooler thankfully. I am not ready for summer temps. in Spring. Have a blessed week.